Dog Crates and Pet Carriers for Your Animal Companions

Finding the right pet enclosure for your furry friend can be a difficult task. King Crates is here to help you make the correct decision that benefits you and your pet. You can find a variety of crates from metal dog enclosures to models made of elegant wood. We feature dog crate furniture that can double as an end table or night stand; making them perfect for just about any room in your home. For frequent travelers who can't bear to leave their pets behind, we have soft dog crates that are easily collapsible so they can be conveniently carried and stored.

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When it comes to keeping your dogs and puppies from getting in trouble at home, we’ve got our great selection of steel crates perfect for giving your dogs a place at home to relax and unwind. These steel crates are also good for when your puppies or dogs get rowdy and need a place away from new people or little kids. A wire dog crate may be exactly what you're looking for.

For the most comfortable kind of dog crate, check out our wooden crates—they’re beautiful and sturdy in construction and will fit in perfectly with any of the furniture you already own. These wooden dog crates are a comfortable place for your dogs and puppies to relax and sleep at the end of the day. They’ll absolutely love them!

When it comes to traveling in your car or on a plane, it can make your dogs and puppies very nervous and jittery and perhaps even sick with stress. Give them the perfect place to relax and rest while on the road or in the air with our great selection of pet travel carriers. With fabric construction and a tough frame, they’re perfect for your dogs. We've also got plenty of collapsible dog crates; a folding dog crate may be exactly what you need.

We’ve got the best selection of dog crates and pet travel crates just for you to help your dog feel more like they’re part of your family. If you have any questions about any of our products or what pet crate would work best for you, please send us an email to and we’ll get right back to you. We’d love to help you!

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